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About Me

About Me

They say the most successful people have a niche.

In defiance of that, I've diversified my reach.

Writing and editing experiences abound.

No focus on subjects; there's more to be found.

Journalist; editor; creative soul.

No matter the field, there's always a goal.

My singing, performing and music combine

To make other artistic projects align.

Where am I going? Where have I been?

Does it matter if passion comes from within?

A lover of wonders and words and wit.

Surely there's more, and that's not it.

Your clock is ticking... I'll cut to the chase.

Read more below and check out my space.


The boring version:

With more than 12 years of experience as a writer/editor working in publishing and media, I am fueled by creative projects inside and outside of my full-time job as a professional puzzler, which is at North America's leading puzzle and fiction magazine publisher. While my career has been vast throughout the print and online spectrum, I truly enjoy diversifying my goals as an editor. Skilled in journalism and entertainment, I've produced literary, visual, video and audio content for magazines, newspapers, puzzle books, sketch shows, podcasts, and a hearty variety of online outlets. I continue to have a thirst for knowledge with a desire to share unconventional insights and encourage audiences on meaningful levels. I imagine I'll journey beyond the confines of a linear route to fulfill a dynamic path yet unknown...

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